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Performing Arts & Creative Education Solutions Consulting provides educational organizations with low- or no-cost research, evaluation, and professional development solutions that are customized to meet their exact needs.  Our extensive knowledge and expertise in the area of Performing and Fine Arts Education in low-income and urban communities is part of an abundant set of tools that we have available to support your organization and your students. We use our training in educational, psychological, and neurocognitive research to provide your staff with answers and solutions all with the goal of serving the same students that you see on a daily basis.  We use the extensive array of resources that we have available to provide you with any type of data product that you could imagine and will work with you and your staff to develop a clear and precise understanding of what the data means. 



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12313 33rd Ave. NE #202, Seattle, WA 98125
P: 401.499.9719
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E: Info@paces-consulting.org