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About Company: Our Philosophy

We believe that all students should have the opportunity to receive the highest quality education and have the choice to pursue education in the Arts regardless of their background, their community, or their schools. 


      We do this by working with organizations to provide them with low- or no-cost research, evaluation, and professional development services that would otherwise consume many of the resources that should be allocated to the students.  With grantfunding shrinking and public resources evaporating, there is an increasingly high demand on organizations to provide full reports on program effectiveness, implementation and planning, and the research behind these programs. Because these tasks require a significant amount of training, education, and experience, these services are often extremely expensive.  We solve this problem for you.  Our staff have been trained at some of the best colleges and universities in the world and are here to serve you and your students. 


We work to broaden the research agenda in Arts and Music Educational by directing our attention and efforts in the traditionally underserved low-income and urban communities.


      Little research in Arts and Music Education has focused on students from low-income and urban backgrounds. This is a problem and our organization intends to solve it.  It becomes difficult to find professional development services for staff when there is a general lack of knowledge about the processes and concerns that your staff needs assistance with.  We solve this issue by working with your organization and others. Our focus on this one area gives us greater insight into the best practices available, how to best provide meaningful, substantial, and lasting professional development opportunities for your staff, and allows us to disseminate our findings to a wide audience.


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