Professional Development

Our professional development services are focused on two areas that allow us to capitalize the most on our skills, knowledge, and experience: (1) Teaching and Learning, and (2) Data Usage. We feel that concentrating on these two areas will allow us to better serve your students by providing your organization with the additional training and skills necessary to deliver the highest quality instruction possible.  And most importantly, we want you and your staff to be able to capitalize on your skills so that you're able to spend the majority of your energy with your students.


Teaching and Learning

Our professional development services are aimed at developing your organizations capacity to best serve your stakeholders. We will work with you to develop a baseline of your organization’s current capacity, develop a professional development plan, assess the effectiveness of the training, and provide tools and resources for continued development and support.
Evidence Based Instruction
Our professional development services in evidence based instructional strategies focus on supporting instruction in individual arts disciplines and arts integration. We will provide you staff with easy to understand and implement instructional practices based on the highest quality research available. Additionally, we will provide you with research packets that make it easy for you and your staff to quickly gain a firm grasp on the best and most relevant research without having to spend hours or days trying to find, read, and analyze it all.
Lesson Plan Development
We can work independently or with your staff to develop new lesson plans that incorporate the most up-to-date brain-based research to support teaching and learning. Our lesson plan services can provide your organization with independent lessons, lessons that are part of a larger unit, or revision services based on the current curriculum used by your organization. Currently, we are able to offer lesson plan development in music and arts integration instruction.
Instructional Unit Development
Our units consist of multiple lesson plans related to a central topic. Unlike individual lessons, these resources are used to teach your students about a broader concept that requires the development of several interdependent skills, covered in the individual lessons. We can also work with your staff to revise unit materials that are currently used by your organization. Currently, we are able to offer unit development in music and arts integration instruction.
Instructional Resources
Our instructional resources include materials and articles that you can provide your students to help them develop their learning and understanding independently. These resources currently include practice methods, practice logging, worksheets, music theory resources, and listening/viewing lists. Additionally, we are currently seeking funds to develop computer-based resources that can help students learn more about music theory, composition, arranging, and ear training.

Data Usage

Our data management services are available to give your staff the greatest flexibility to focus on their work, while minimizing the organization's expenses to more effectively organize, prepare, or develop reports. In addition to providing the services to your organization directly, we can also provide training to your staff that will help minimize the time needed for similar tasks in the future.
Data Interpretation
We will help your staff to more accurately and easily interpret internal data and research materials. In addition to helping your organization use internal data more effectively, this training will also help your staff to be smarter consumers of educational research materials. This training will also help your staff to interpret and understand evaluation findings.
Quantitative and Qualitative Research Design
Although we have extensive experience conducting analysis independently, we also have experience developing the internal capacity of an organization to collect, analyze, and interpret data. Our methodology services are used to help train your staff in a wide variety of data analysis skills and tools that can help develop your organization’s internal capacity.
Data Cleaning and Preparation
If your organization has considered conducting any research on the effectiveness of the organization the data that you provide will need to be cleaned and prepared for analysis. If you’ve hired evaluators or researchers in the past before, it is likely that some of your cost was due to time spent cleaning and preparing your organizations data. Although the way that your data is stored may meet your internal needs perfectly, it may not be formatted for data analysis software. In addition to providing the service, we can also train your staff how to store and format the data so that you can save time and energy in the future.


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