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8 July 2011 | 0 comments
PACES Consulting is official
Today the Office of the Secretary of State Approved the business application for PACES to opperate as a non-profit corporation.

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Our teaching services can build your organization's capacity in the areas of music education and arts integration. PACES staff have over ten years of experience providing instruction to students ranging from 6 to 80+ years of age.  Below are brief descriptions of the types of teaching services we can provide for your staff and/or students.


Individual Instruction - Our individual instruction services use 30-60 minute blocks to provide the most individualized instruction to the individuals in your organization. In addition to music performance and instrument skills, we can provide individual instruction in music theory, composition, orchestration/arranging, aural awareness, improvisation, and genre/style studies.


Group Instruction - Like individual instruction, group instruction is tailored to meet the unique needs of the student in a small group setting (2-4 students).  We have found that group instruction is a great way to provide a larger amount of students with introductory instruction in music performance, theory, and instrumental skills. It also helps students to learn and experience the social aspects of musicianship from the very first stages of their musical development.


Ensemble Instruction - Ensemble classes (3-20 students) provide targeted instruction in music performance.  One of the most important skills that musicians need is the ability to listen and comprehend the music around them while performing. Students who only take individual lessons and practice in isloation, however, do not get the experiences necessary to fully develop this capacity.


Master Classes and Workshops - Master classes and workshops provide instruction to a larger audience (5+ students) by focusing on special areas of instruction.  These events are most appropriate for your intermediate to advanced learners and require that the students have a strong command of fundamental music skills to benefit the most. Master classes and workshops can be custom developed to fit your organization's needs. Topics may include: advanced right hand techniques for bass, traditional Brazilian styles, using beat displacement to develop a groove, hybrid voicing structures for jazz accompaniment, etc...


Distance Learning - We are currently working to build our capacity to provide distance learning opportunities to your staff and/or students through our website. Please check back regularly for updates on our progress.


Arts Integration - For more information regarding arts integration teaching please see our information regarding professional development.



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