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8 July 2011 | 0 comments
PACES Consulting is official
Today the Office of the Secretary of State Approved the business application for PACES to opperate as a non-profit corporation.

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Our reporting services are designed to be responsive to the unique request from a variety of organizations. Our access to research databases and our personal library can provide your organization with a variety of resources that can be used to improve instruction and grants writing/reporting activities in your organization. Some examples of these services are:


Best Practice Reports - Best practice reports can provide your staff with a condensed report that illustrates findings relevant to your organization’s activities in an easy to interpret format. If you’re considering changing some of your instructional, management, or policy practices these reports can provide you with an overview of the strategies that have proven to be the most successful for addressing your needs. These reports can cover a wide variety of topics and our staff will work diligently with your organization to provide you with the most relevant resources available.


Annotated Bibliographies - Annotated bibliographies provide a comprehensive summary of research on a topic relevant to your needs. In addition to providing a summary of the materials, we also provide you with a critical assessment of the quality of that research based on an analysis of their methodology. If your organization needs to write a proposal, file a report with a grant funder, or publish a white paper an annotated bibliography can greatly lessen the work load to complete these tasks.


Grant Reporting - Our grant reporting services are aimed at providing your organization with all of the required information needed by your funders. We are able to provide the research resources that your organization needs to provide the background, references, and story that explains your activities and impact in the clearest and most accurate way.


Stakeholder Reports - Our stakeholder reports help you explain what your organization does, its impact, and who it serves to the community at large. By using effective visual displays and minimizing statistical jargon, we can help you convey your message to a diverse body of stakeholders more effectively. In addition, we can also provide Spanish language translation services for these reports.


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