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8 July 2011 | 0 comments
PACES Consulting is official
Today the Office of the Secretary of State Approved the business application for PACES to opperate as a non-profit corporation.

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Data Management

Our data management services are available to give your staff the greatest flexibility to focus on their work, while minimizing the organization's expenses to more effectively organize, prepare, or develop reports.  In addition to providing the services to your organization directly, we can also provide training to your staff that will help minimize the time needed for similar tasks in the future.


Data Cleaning and Preparation - If your organization has considered conducting any research on the effectiveness of the organization the data that you provide will need to be cleaned and prepared for analysis. If you’ve hired evaluators or researchers in the past before, it is likely that some of your cost was due to time spent cleaning and preparing your organizations data. Although the way that your data is stored may meet your internal needs perfectly, it may not be formatted for data analysis software. In addition to providing the service, we can also train your staff how to store and format the data so that you can save time and energy in the future.


Data Packets - Data packets provide organizational leaders and staff with comprehensive and condensed data on the organization’s performance and current standing. These reports can be used to improve instructional practice, help staff to use data more effectively in their work, and track strategic goals of the organization.


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