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Getting User/Group Information on Ubuntu 14.04

I recently had the unfortunate series of events that led to an issue which appears to be somewhat common with Linux/Ubuntu systems.  You’re happily moving along, installing packages via apt-get, setting file/directory permissions, and adding/removing users, when suddenly all of your group names, user names, or IDs go missing. So, how do you get user/group […]

Programs Available for Download

Dr Buchanan has made several Stata programs available from his personal website and will also make these programs available from the PACES website. In the immediate future, users can type net describe http://www.williambuchanan.net/stata to find out more about what programs are available for download.

Creating Bar Graphs with Reference Groups in Stata

I recently had to create a bar graph with reference categories and when I was finished I realized that it was something that I should probably share given the amount of time it took to work through things. There are a few things to note before moving forward though. The first is that I was […]


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