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Dr Buchanan was recently selected to participate in the fifth cohort of the Strategic Data Project’s Fellowship. Over the next two years he will be working in the Mississippi Department of Education on the redesign, implementation, and infrastructure development for the state’s new school/district accountability models and teacher evaluation models. Dr Buchanan will still hold […]

Programs Available for Download

Dr Buchanan has made several Stata programs available from his personal website and will also make these programs available from the PACES website. In the immediate future, users can type net describe http://www.williambuchanan.net/stata to find out more about what programs are available for download.

Analysis Help

If you have an interest in data analysis and/or research stay tuned. Dr Buchanan will be starting to upload free code snippets for use with Stata 12 in the coming days/weeks. Dr Buchanan and the PACES team are also in the process of training up on R and will be providing similar help files for […]

Want to learn about program evaluation methods?

Dr Buchanan will be leading a workshop at the 2013 northwest division conference of the National Association for Music Education. The 90 minute workshop will cover: what data to collect, how to store and clean the data, and basic analytical techniques. This will also provide an opportunity to learn about Stata 12 and how it […]

New Video Up Shortly

We wanted to get the word out now that we will be posting a presentation video shortly.  The topic of the presentation focuses on the interpretation and understanding of research results using regression analysis.  In addition to providing the audience with some theoretical understanding of what regression analysis is and how it is used, we […]


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