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Getting User/Group Information on Ubuntu 14.04

I recently had the unfortunate series of events that led to an issue which appears to be somewhat common with Linux/Ubuntu systems.  You’re happily moving along, installing packages via apt-get, setting file/directory permissions, and adding/removing users, when suddenly all of your group names, user names, or IDs go missing. So, how do you get user/group […]

IBM’s Watson platform is now available

I saw a post on LinkedIn that I felt was definitely exciting for doing research: http://thenextweb.com/apps/2014/12/04/ibms-watson-powered-analytics-platform-now-open-everyone/. You can find out more directly from http://www.ibm.com/analytics/watson-analytics/

New group for educational data analysts and researchers working in education

If you’ve not heard of DataCope on LinkedIn previously, I highly recommend checking it out www.datacope.org.  There are growing numbers of other educational data analysts, policy makers, and researchers working in education that are participating in the community to share and exchange their ideas, tips, tools of the trade, and to build a collaborative environment to […]

Setting up QGIS Server to Provide Web Mapping Services to your Organization

This is a brief guide that will hopefully make it easier for you to start setting up and providing web mapping services throughout your organization using QGIS Server (www.qgis.org), a Free Open Source Software platform for Geographical Information Systems data analysis, storage, management, and use. This assumes that you are running on an Ubuntu 14.04 […]

Setting up ODBC connections to remote Oracle databases from Ubuntu 14.04

Recently I’ve been battling with ODBC on a Linux server and thought I’d share something analogous to a template for the different files needed to set up ODBC connections with others.  I did all of this on a 64-bit Ubuntu 14.04 server, but things should generally be similar for other platforms with slight modification.  If you’re working […]

New work underway

Last week marked the official start to Dr Buchanan’s two year fellowship with the Mississippi Department of Education. In the immediate future Dr Buchanan will be working with the IT/Information Systems staff at MDE to program, develop, and deploy the state’s new accountability model.

Expanding Partnerships

Dr Buchanan recently accepted an Adjunct position at Jackson State University in addition to the work he is doing at the Mississippi Department of Education. He is providing the teaching service to JSU pro bono and will be helping to facilitate dialogue between JSU and Brown University. In the coming months, PACES will work on […]


Dr Buchanan was recently selected to participate in the fifth cohort of the Strategic Data Project’s Fellowship. Over the next two years he will be working in the Mississippi Department of Education on the redesign, implementation, and infrastructure development for the state’s new school/district accountability models and teacher evaluation models. Dr Buchanan will still hold […]

Article about the effect of poverty on student performance on the 2008 NAEP Music Assessment Available

The article that Dr. Buchanan presented at the 2013 AERA conference is now available via the AERA archives and on the PACES website 2008NAEP-Article.  The article is based on a portion of the work done in Dr. Buchanan’s dissertation focusing on the different ways in which poverty affected students’ performance on the 2008 NAEP Music […]

Society for Research in Child Development Biennial Conference

We’ve just posted a preview of the poster that Dr. Buchanan will be presenting later this week at the Society of Research for Child Development. The poster is a brief summation of Dr Buchanan’s dissertation research that focused on the effects of community resources on student’s performance on the 2008 NAEP assessment. The original uncompressed […]


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