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D3js Mata Examples Updates

D3js Mata Library Examples

New example functions are being added fairly regularly to d3mata examples.  The most recent update is centered on implementing a brush and link scatterplot matrix created by Mike Bostock.  The hope is that this library will make it easier for others to create reusable components to develop D3.js based data visualizations from Stata.

Update to JSONIO Stata package

A recent update to the jsonio Stata library requires some changes to the existing examples.  The change primarily affected the keys for the metadata fields of the JSON object; more specifically, the keys no longer include embedded spaces.  As additional examples get completed, the main repository page and the examples submodule page will be updated to not only show the JavaScript output created by the Mata libraries.  Any contributions from other users are also welcome and would be a great asset.  Once a few more components are developed (e.g., axes, titles, legends, etc…), the updates to the project page will focus on using the reusable components so other users can get up and running sooner.



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