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Stata Conference 2016

Stata Conference 2016 D3.js slides 

brewscheme version 1.0

brewscheme 1.0 is now available from the project page and the SSC archives. You can install it by using the following commands: // To install from the project page: net inst brewscheme, from(“https://wbuchanan.github.io/brewscheme/”) replace // To install from the SSC archives ssc inst brewscheme, replace The version 1.0 release of includes tools for color interpolation, […]

brewscheme update

We’ve recently pushed an update to brewscheme on the development branch and will update the distribution page files over the next few days.  These changes are part of the version 1.0.0 release candidate 2 of the project. Updates and Changes to brewscheme The primary change for release candidate 2 involves the initial completion of the […]

Stata Regular Expressions

Why the need for a regular expression package? Since 2005, people have had questions about Stata regular expressions; a FAQ on regular expressions from Stata confirms how long the use of regular expressions in Stata has raised questions. With the recent implementation of Unicode support in Stata, regular expressions got a bit of a facelift, […]

D3js Mata Examples Updates

D3js Mata Library Examples New example functions are being added fairly regularly to d3mata examples.  The most recent update is centered on implementing a brush and link scatterplot matrix created by Mike Bostock.  The hope is that this library will make it easier for others to create reusable components to develop D3.js based data visualizations from Stata. Update to […]

Mata language wrapper for D3js

See the project page for additional information, the GitHub repository for the source code, or the examples repository for examples of how to use the library to create D3 based data visualizations from Stata.

brewscheme release candidate available

The brewscheme toolkit for data visualization in Stata is almost ready for a stable version 1 release. All known bugs have been fixed and all of the planned features for version 1 have been implemented. More information can be found at the project page and source code repository.

Updates to brewscheme

The Stata program brewscheme (http://wbuchanan.github.io/brewscheme/brewtheme/) has been updated and now includes several features that provide even more flexibility to the end user.  Check out the project page above to learn a bit more about the suite of tools bundled with the brewscheme package.

Stata Tutorial: Receiver Operating Curves with Multiple Predictors

A colleague recently asked me about a native solution in Stata to create a graph of the ROCs for multiple predictors (e.g., independent variables, covariates, right-hand side variables, etc…).  I thought it might be helpful to provide a post to illustrate how to do this using data from the Strategic Data Project’s College Going Toolkit.


Antología Poética Meditabunda Sobre el Arte Místico (Alegoría a la Divinidad)

Antología Poética Meditabunda Sobre el Arte Místico (Alegoría a la Divinidad) written by Javier Del Campo.


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